Ten years later, and there is still no resolution of the case of Lee Nicholls’ complaint ‘on behalf of’ her adult daughter Emma Nicholls. In 2009, the Anglican church Sydney diocese Disciplinary Tribunal was forced to recommend to Archbishop Jensen that all the ‘charges’ be withdrawn and dismissed because no-one had jurisdiction to bring the case and it did not have jurisdiction to hear the case under the Discipline Ordinance 2006. A very great injustice was perpetrated by the people of Figtree Anglican church and the diocesan Professional Standards Committee, led by the Professional Standards Unit’s director Phillip Gerber, in allowing the case to get that far. Now, certain people are telling the present Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies that the charges are still valid and would have succeeded but for the lack of jurisdiction. Really? I do not think so. Let’s see what they were really about. Let the accusers be damned by the words out of their own mouths.

Emma Nicholls remaining allegations

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